John Diamond Photography is a subsidiary of Life Energy Arts and is dedicated to bringing to the public artistic products relating to holistic healing. Our focus is the work of John Diamond, M.D. – especially the notion of Life Energy, the Healing Power within. The photographic prints we sell represent a new philosophy in the Arts – works of art that are done with the intention of being therapeutic for those viewing them. 

All our prints are hand-printed. It requires very special printing equipment and a highly experienced printing artist to ensure that the Life Energy that the photographer captured is kept throughout the printing process. Very special papers and inks, and printers and programs are being used. So far we have not found a way to ensure that the Life Energy component is kept with downloadable prints. For this reason we do not offer downloads.

For more information about John Diamond, MD,
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Other photography websites 

Painting websites (currently under construction)

  • www.lifeenergypaintings.com 
  • www.paintingforhealing.com
  • www.JohnDiamondpainting.com

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    Photography has many purposes. The one that matters to me, is to be Therapeutic.